Dr. Pamela Norley is a passionate Chiropractic Physician, transforming lives since 1993. Her commitment to individualized care sets her apart.

Dr. Norley delves deep into your health history and uses your unique details to create your personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Norley doesn’t only alleviate pain; she crafts a wellness journey towards lasting health for a healthier, and happier new you!



New York Chiropractic College, Doctor of Chiropractic Degree

Bachelors of Science Degree with honors from the University of Toronto, Canada


Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada

Professional Memberships

League of Chiropractic Women (founding member of Chicago Chapter)

Illinois Chiropractic Society (VP of Northern District)

Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Round Lake, Antioch Chambers of Commerce


Former Instructor: Oakton Community College, special health issues.

Former Teaching Assistant State University, NY, Long Island

Former Teaching Assistant: New York Chiropractic College (physiology, pathology, physical therapy)

Continuing Education

Dr. Norley strives to offer her patients the most up to date health news.

Dr. Norley spends many of her weekends attending seminars and conferences; she educates her patients with recently published health information.


In August 2015, Dr. Norley had the pleasure of chatting with Evan Lysacek, the 2010 Olympic champion!

Evan described his path from childhood to bringing the USA the gold medal; similarly, Dr. Norley always treats her patients with the same dedication Evan applied to his training!




Dr. Barry Sears and Dr. Pamela Norley

Dr. Norley enjoyed spending an entire week learning from Dr. Barry Sears in person! These two doctors discussed the biochemistry of chronic silent inflammation and how we can all attempt hormonal control to reduce our risk of diseases linked to chronic inflammation (heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, diabetes…. To learn more information, visit  www.DrSears.com.


Clinical Nutrition and Wellness 

This program discussed how nutrition, supplements and lifestyle affect cell metabolism and cell function. It is at the cellular level that inflammation occurs or protects the body against inflammation. The foods we eat drive the inflammatory cycle which affects various disease processes.

Dysfunctional Breathing

This seminar discussed how proper respiration; intake and exhalation of air, affects blood pH levels, which affects physiology and therefore patient symptoms and conditions.

Current Clinical Issues in Primary Care

Topics covered included:

  • Women’s Health
  • Caring for the Older Patient
  • Clinical Problem Solving in Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders & Sleep/Wake Impairment
  • Knee Disorders
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Esther Gokhale Method

Esther Gohkale and Dr. NorleyThe Gokhale Method teaches posture and movement to help re-establish the body’s structural integrity and regain a pain-free life. Most pain can be attributed to how we hold ourselves and how we move (yes, how we walk, sit, lift, sleep…).

Visit egwellness.com/gokhale-method if you would like to learn more about this method.


In the News

Dr. Norley has quite a presence in the media.  Here are two newspaper articles for you to peruse.  The radio interviews will be available soon.

Healing That Works—Relief Through Acupuncture and Chiropractic
Lakeland Newspaper in August 2005

Several new patients came to visit Dr. Norley, because they liked the picture of her relaxed, happy nature. Dr. Norley explains, “In any given day I treat an assortment of symptoms… I’ve helped a lot of people.” Click here to read the entire article in PDF format.

Eastern Medicinal Treatments Help with Pregnancy
Lakelife in September of 2006

“I’m firmly convinced she (Dr. Norley) is the reason I was able to get through it without drugs and medications,” Spasojevich said. Click here to read the entire article in PDF format..